In a global market with a growing demand for products with a soul, Monoi de Tahiti®
is Inspiring and renewing the creativity of product developers.



Monoi USA™ is here to work to meet your needs for authentic, cosmetic-grade Monoi de Tahiti® and Tamanu oil that fits your budget and keeps your production on schedule. US manufactures that rely on this oil choose Monoi USA as their source of Monoi and Tamanu oil for three reasons:
Reliability, Quality and Accessibility.

Parfumerie Tiki ships its Monoi and Tamanu directly to the United States, which allows us to deliver Monoi and Tamanu to our customers much more efficiently. We keep significant inventory here at all times so that we can accommodate orders of any size.

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Tahiti Iti Imports is more than a decade old company that has sold Parfumerie Tiki’s Monoi and Tamanu products exclusively since 2000. Our knowledge of the products and our strong relationship with Parfumerie Tiki, along with our focus on quality and customer service, have earned us a reputation for reliability. We are proud to introduce Monoi USA™ as the exclusive US Direct Importer of Monoi and Tamanu oils from Tahiti for Parfumerie Tiki.

Parfumerie Tiki is a family business founded in 1942 and is proud of over 60 years of manufacturing the first Tahiti produced Monoi sold on the global market. The company is Certified ISO 9001 Version 2008 and an integral part of the economic tissue of Tahiti. Parfumerie Tiki is a board member of the governmental agency for quality control of copra, co-founder and past president of the prestigious Monoï Institute and former President of the export commission for the Chamber of Commerce.
A leader in the industry in French Polynesia, Parfumerie Tiki has over 30 years of exporting experience worldwide.          .

We are what we repeatedly do: excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.